I have known Paul Rendell for almost 20 years. I am very acquainted with not only his work but also his character. He had made several pieces of furniture for me and my friends, including a display cabinet, coffee table and a bookcase capable of holding 300 books.The display cabinet is as good as the day it was made 20 years’ ago, if not better, as it has now developed a lustrous patina and is typical of the high quality work that he produces.He is a perfectionist and I cannot speak too highly either of the man or his work

H H J Tabor QC

We moved in 1997 to a Grade II listed house in need of a good deal of renovation. Paul Rendell was recommended to us as a skilled joiner and cabinet maker and we used him for various projects, including new back doors, the replacement of complicated gothic-style windows of the coach house, library shelving, a large dining room table and a kitchen dresser. His work is of the highest quality. He is reliable, amenable, honest and has a fine aesthetic feel for buildings and furniture. We are very pleased with all of his work and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.

Annie Scotland

Paul has asked me to provide him with a reference, which I have to say I haven’t a moment’s hesitation in providing.I was trained as an architect, work as an art director and my house is  a Grade II listed building. All the work that Paul has done for me over the years has been exactly as I wanted. This has ranged from restoration and repairs to making of new furniture. His craftmenship is excellent, his character exemplary and his work carried out on time and according to his realistic estimates.I have no criticisms, in fact I feel you are lucky to have come across him before trying out anyone else.

Charmian Adams